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Feds Helping Argue Texas Election Map Case
US Gas Prices Drop 4 Cents To $3.67 A Gallon
Police Officer Slain By Killer Who Sought Fame
Man Convicted Of Deadly Attack On Sleeping Kids
For 2nd Day, Lightning Kills 1 In Colorado Park
Below-Average Shrimp Season Predicted For Texas
3 Indicted In Store Owner's Slaying
Man Fatally Shot At Hotel
Off-Duty Officer Dies After Bike Crash
Girl Whose 6 Family Members Were Killed Recovering
UPDATE: Israel Calls For North Gaza Residents To Evacuate After Brief Ground Raid As Offensive Widens
Woman In Beating Video Still Hospitalized
Death Toll In Israeli Airstrikes On Gaza Tops 120
Obama Cites Letter Writers In Pitching Economy
Man Charged In Fiery Confrontation
Homeland Secretary Visits Immigrant Holding Center
Second Federal Judge Wants Info On Lost IRS Emails
US Border Effort Sputters As Migrants Cross Again

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