Iraq: Separate Attacks In Baghdad Kill At Least 12 Civilians

(AP) – Iraqi officials say separate attacks targeting commercial areas in Baghdad have killed at least 12 civilians.  Police say the deadliest of Thursday’s assaults was in the southwestern neighborhood of Shurta al-Rabia where a suicide bomber blew up himself up in an outdoor market, killing seven people and wounding at least 15.   In […]

Death Toll In Turkish Suicide Attack At Least 44

(AP) – Turkey’s state-run news agency says a man who was wounded in the triple suicide attack at Istanbul’s airport has died of his wounds, raising the death toll to at least 44.  Anadolu Agency says 25-year-old Yasin Ocal died in a hospital on Thursday.  Ocal, who was married and an employee at Ataturk Airport […]

Ex-US Marine Charged In Murder, Rape Of Woman On Okinawa

(AP) – Japanese prosecutors have charged a U.S. military contractor with the murder and rape of a 20-year-old woman on Okinawa, a high-profile case that has renewed anti-American base sentiment on the southern Japanese island. Local authorities said Kenneth Shinzato, a former Marine, now faces the murder and rape charges in addition to an earlier […]

13 Held In Istanbul Raids

(AP) – Turkey’s state-run news agency says police have detained 13 people in connection with Tuesday’s deadly airport attack that killed 42 people and wounded more than 230 others. Anadolu Agency says three foreign nationals are among the group of suspects detained in Istanbul. Anadolu says police carried out simultaneous raids at 16 locations in […]

Investigators: Wreckage Shows Heat Damage, Smoke

(AP) – Egyptian investigators say wreckage from the EgyptAir flight that crashed in May shows “signs of damage because of high temperature” and a flight data recorder indicates there was smoke on board.  The flight from Paris to Cairo crashed into the Mediterranean on May 19 for reasons that remain unknown. The pilots made no […]

Video Shows Aftermath Of Airport Attack

(AP) – Footage shot by a passenger at the arrivals terminal of Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport shows divider panels blown off their hinges, exposed electric circuits and dangling ceiling fixtures after gun-and-bomb attacks that killed 41 people and wounded hundreds. In the video after Tuesday night’s attack, a Turkish fireman walks past the motionless body […]

UPDATE: Officials Give Timeline Of Attacks

(AP) – Turkish officials have given a timeline of how the triple suicide attack unfolded at Istanbul Ataturk Airport.  An interior ministry official and another official said all three assailants arrived by taxi at the level of the arrivals hall terminal. The first assailant entered the terminal, opened fire and then blew himself up near […]