Mexico Quake Damages Buildings In Puebla State

(AP) – Puebla Gov. Tony Gali says buildings have been damaged in his state in central Mexico by a magnitude 7.1 earthquake.  Gali said on his official Twitter account that “we will continue reviewing” damages and urged people to follow emergency procedures.  “What we have reports of is material damage … we have no reports […]

Rohingya Muslims Being Wiped Off Myanmar’s Map

(AP) – Rohingya Muslims are quite literally being wiped off the map in Myanmar.  After attacks by Muslim militants last month, thousands of homes were burned in Rohingya enclaves of the predominantly Buddhist nation.  More than 500,000 people – roughly half their population – fled to neighboring Bangladesh in the past year, most in the […]

First Death Attributed To Maria On Guadeloupe

(AP) – Officials say one person has died on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe after being hit by a falling tree.  It’s the first death attributed to Category 5 Hurricane Maria. Authorities say the person did not comply with orders to remain indoors on Tuesday morning. They say two other people are reported missing […]

French Leader Forcefully Defends Climate Accord

(AP) – France’s President Emmanuel Macron is forcefully defending the Paris climate accord, telling the U.N. General Assembly that although it can be improved, “it will not be renegotiated.” In a half-hour speech Tuesday, Macron said he “profoundly respects” U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the accord, adding that “the door will always […]

Haitians Halted At US Border Settle In Mexico

(AP) – Thousands of Haitians have settled in Mexico’s northwest corner after the United States abruptly closed its doors. Haitians left Brazil last year on perilous journeys to San Diego while U.S authorities were still allowing them in on humanitarian grounds. Then President Barack Obama shifted course in September and started deporting them. Haitians who […]

UN Says About 421,000 People Have Fled Myanmar

(AP) – The U.N.’s migration agency says about 421,000 people have fled from Myanmar to neighboring Bangladesh in less than a month amid a security crackdown allegedly targeting the Rohingya Muslim minority. Spokesman Joel Millman of the International Organization for Migration says an estimated 20,000 people are flowing across Myanmar’s border into Bangladesh every day. […]

Trump And Macron Take Spotlight At UN But Challenges Are Key

(AP) – U.S. President Donald Trump and French leader Emmanuel Macron are expected to take the spotlight at the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations – but discussions will be dominated by the tough global challenges from the nuclear threat in North Korea and the plight of Myanmar’s minority Muslims to the […]

Trump, The “America First” President, Goes To The UN

(AP) – Elected on the slogan “America First,” President Donald Trump is making his debut address to the U.N. General Assembly. He’s expected to argue Tuesday that nations should act in their own self-interest, yet rally together when faced with a common threat such as North Korea. He plans to address other crisis points, too, […]