Talk Of ‘No Deal’ Brexit Rises As Divorce Negotiations Stall

(AP) – As Brexit negotiations between Britain and the European Union stutter and stall, one nagging question looms larger and larger: What if there is no deal? It’s an increasingly plausible prospect that stirs fear in many U.K. businesses – and hope in the hearts of some staunch Brexit supporters. When Britain leaves the EU […]

Ultra-Personal Therapy: Gene Tumor Boards Guide Cancer Care

(AP) – Cancer patients increasingly are having their care guided by molecular tumor boards, a new version of the hospital panels that traditionally decided whether surgery, radiation or chemotherapy would be best. These experts study a patient’s cancer genes and match treatments to mutations that seem to drive the disease. It’s the kind of care […]

UN, US Failed To Prevent Ethnic Cleansing In South Sudan

(AP) – When South Sudan’s Yei region experienced ethnic cleansing last year, a few U.N. and U.S. officials begged their leaders for help. They warned that government soldiers were burning villages and slaughtering men, women and children. But the U.N. did not send peacekeeping troops to Yei and the U.S. continued to support South Sudan’s […]

Al-Qaida Set To Gain As Islamic State Disintegrates

(AP) – The Islamic State group has lost nearly all the territory it once controlled in Syria and Iraq, including the Iraqi city of Mosul – the largest it ever held – and the Syrian city of Raqqa, once IS’ de facto capital. Tens of thousands of IS fighters have been killed on the battlefield, […]

UK Intelligence Chief Says Terror Threat Is Worst Of Career

(AP) – Britain’s domestic intelligence chief says the country is facing the worst terrorist threat he’s seen his 34-year career.  MI5 Director General Andrew Parker said in a rare public speech on Tuesday that the threat is “multi-dimensional, evolving rapidly and operating at a scale and pace we’ve not seen before.” Parker says there has […]

Border Gunbattles Leave 11 Dead In Northern Mexico

(AP) – Mexican officials say a running series of gunbattles left at least 11 people dead in the northern border state of Tamauilpas.  The level of violence forced authorities to break up road blockades and use a helicopter to support ground patrols. Officials discovered eight bodies Monday following shootouts in the border city of Reynosa […]

Afghan Official: Drone Strikes Kill 35 Taliban

(AP) – An Afghan official says drone strikes have killed 35 Taliban fighters in the country’s east, near the border with Pakistan.  Abdullah Asrat, spokesman for the governor of Paktia province, says drones fired missiles at four locations in Anzarki Kandaw on Tuesday, killing the insurgents and wounding 15 others. Asrat says a commander of […]

US Coalition: IS Pockets Remain In Syria’s Raqqa

(AP) – The spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition says pockets of Islamic State militants remain in the Syrian city of Raqqa.  The remarks come as U.S.-backed Syrian forces and their allies on the ground are going through the city’s newly liberated areas, searching for land mines and sleeper cells. Col. Ryan Dillon said on Tuesday […]

Oil Minister Says Trump Should Let US Oil Firms Into Iran

(AP) – Iran’s oil minister says President Donald Trump should allow American oil firms to do business in the Islamic Republic. Bijan Zanganeh’s comments on Tuesday come as Americans and U.S. companies are still barred from directly doing business with Iran. That’s even with the 2015 nuclear deal being in place. Zanganeh was quoted as […]

Civilians Stream Back To Kirkuk, Taken By Iraq

(AP) – Thousands of civilians are streaming back to Kirkuk, a day after fleeing as Iraqi troops pushed Kurdish forces out of the disputed oil-rich city. The civilians were heading back on Tuesday, driving along a main highway to the city’s east. The Kurdish peshmerga forces had built an earthen berm along the highway, reinforced […]