Hard-Line Iranian Candidate Says US Should Fear Iran

(AP) – A hard-line candidate in Iran’s upcoming presidential election says the United States should be made to fear Iran so that it will back off on sanctions and threats. Ebrahim Raisi told a state TV talk show Wednesday that “today Americans are afraid of the word ‘Iran,”‘ saying: “This is the solution. The solution […]

Cyprus Activists Protest Turkey’s Planned Nuclear Plant

(AP) – Greek and Turkish Cypriot activists have formed a human chain across Cyprus’ ethnic divide to protest Turkey’s planned nuclear power station, which they say poses real dangers to the nearby east Mediterranean island. About 100 activists linked arms Wednesday across the 70-meter U.N.-controlled buffer zone between the breakaway Turkish Cypriot north and the […]

Iraqi Forces Say They’ve Seized Hatra Antiquities Site

(AP) – Iraqi paramilitary forces say they have captured Hatra, a 2,000-year-old historical site near the northern city of Mosul, where U.S.-backed forces have been battling the Islamic State group for months. Karim al-Nouri, a spokesman for the state-sanctioned militias, says they captured the UNESCO world heritage site and are around three kilometers (two miles) […]

Canadian Firefighters Rescue Woman From Crane In Toronto

(AP) – A woman stuck on the top part of a construction crane in downtown Toronto for hours has been rescued after being strapped to a rappelling firefighter and lowered to the ground. The woman had been perched on a gently swaying large pulley device for at least four hours and was clinging to a […]

Egypt Steps Up Security Ahead Of Pope’s Visit

(AP) – Egypt has heightened security in the area around the Vatican residence in Cairo ahead of Pope Francis’ visit this weekend, which comes weeks after suicide attacks on two churches killed dozens of people. In Zamalek, a wealthy neighborhood on a Nile island, police have been conducting door-to-door checks, searching passers-by and instructing business […]

The Latest: UN: Tensions Threaten North Korean Civilians

(AP) – A U.N. human rights expert is calling for a cooling of tensions on the Korean Peninsula, insisting that statements that feed hatred and polarization undermine the chance to “improve the dire situation of ordinary North Koreans.” Tomas Ojea Quintana, special rapporteur on North Korea for the U.N. human rights office, says “the recent […]