Cuellar Co-Sponsors Bill Reinforcing Prosecution For Crimes Against Federal Officers Serving Abroad

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Rio Grande Valley Congressman Henry Cuellar is helping to carry a bill in the House that clarifies U.S. law regarding the protection of federal officers and employees working outside the U.S. The legislation ensures that anyone who harms federal officials not on U.S. soil can be prosecuted in the United States.

Cuellar says the bill clears up the ambiguity that led a federal appeals court in January to toss the murder convictions of two drug cartel gunmen arrested in the attack in Mexico that killed Brownsville ICE Agent Jaime Zapata and wounded a second agent Victor Avila. Cuellar is co-sponsoring in the House a bipartisan bill similar to one filed this week by Texas Senator John Cornyn.

Zapata and Avila were driving a government vehicle through San Luis Potosi while on assignment when they were ambushed February 15th 2011.

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