Heavy Equipment, Protesters Arrive Ahead Of New Levee Wall Construction


Heavy equipment has begun arriving in the Rio Grande Valley as construction is scheduled to begin soon on additional miles of levee wall through Hidalgo County.

In November, the federal government awarded a $145 million contract to a Galveston construction firm to build a 6-mile segment of a new levee wall on federally-owned wildlife refuge land. Construction is scheduled to begin around the middle of the month. But also showing up are opponents to the project.

A Native American tribe has set up protest camps along the intended route of the levee wall to bring attention to the damage that’ll be done to popular environmental and historical properties.

The project is part of the omnibus spending bill that Congress approved last March and which is moving ahead even as a congressional fight continues over President Trump’s demand for $5.7 billion to fund a massive border wall.

US Prepares To Start Building Portion Of Texas Border Wall

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