Hunt For Medical Gear To Fight Virus Becomes All-Consuming

Staff inspect medical equipments at an emergency hospital set up amid the new coronavirus outbreak in Jakarta, Indonesia, Monday, March 23, 2020. Indonesia has changed towers built to house athletes in the 2018 Asian Games to emergency hospitals with a 3,000-bed capacity in the country's hard-hit capital, where new patients have surged in the past week. (Hafidz Mubarak A/Pool Photo via AP)

(AP) — The hunt for ventilators and other medical supplies is consuming the U.S. and Europe, as new virus infections soar. Political paralysis stalled efforts for quick aid from Congress and more governments tightened restrictions, sending U.S. futures and many Asian markets down. New York City is quickly becoming a hotspot for the new coronavirus, and the mayor says hospitals are 10 days away from running out of basic supplies. Medical supplies and hospital space are in short supply elsewhere as well. Spain erected a field hospital in a convention center. British health workers pleaded for more gear, saying they felt like “cannon fodder.”

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