Post-Hanna Mosquito Control In Full Force


First the hurricane, then the standing floodwaters, now come the mosquitoes. Several inches of water continue to cover many neighborhoods and fields across the Valley, providing prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. Cities and counties have already begun their battles against the bloodsuckers, and are asking all property owners to do the same:

Hidalgo County Health Administrator Eddie Olivarez; Photo courtesy www.hidalgocounty.us



(Eddie Olivarez)

Hidalgo County Health Administrator Eddie Olivarez who tells 710 KURV that includes things like eliminating any water collecting source on your property and mowing your grass.

Olivarez says county workers have been dropping chemical tablets into large bodies of water to kill mosquito larva. Several cities say they are readying their spray trucks to kill adult mosquitoes.

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