Texas A&M Commits To Workforce Training Center At Port Of Brownsville


Plans for a Texas A & M University workforce training center at the Port of Brownsville are moving ahead following the approval of an agreement that names Texas State Technical College in Harlingen as the main partner. the Brownsville Herald reports Texas A & M confirmed its interest in the project after the Brownsville Navigation District last week voted in favor of a memorandum of understanding among A & M, TSTC, and the Port.

A & M had threatened to take the workforce training center to another location after a letter from Texas Southmost College President Jesus Rodriguez arguing that TSC should be the Port’s primary workforce training partner. While the MOU does not specifically mention TSC, the language leaves the door open for TSC, as well as public school districts and other workforce development organizations to have availability in the center.

Photos courtesy of Texas State Technical College, Texas A&M, and Port Of Brownsville webpages.

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