25 Soldiers Die Fighting Wildfires In Northern Algeria

Burned trees are pictured near Tizi Ouzou some 100 km (62 miles) east of Algiers following wildfires in this mountainous region, Tuesday, Aug.10, 2021. Firefighters were battling a rash of fires in northern Algeria that have killed at least six people in the mountainous Kabyle region, the interior minister said Tuesday, accusing "criminal hands" for some of the blazes. (AP Photo/Fateh Guidoum)

(AP) — Algeria’s president has announced that 25 soldiers were killed saving residents from the wildfires ravaging forests and villages east of the capital. The president of the sprawling North African nation tweeted that the soldiers saved 100 citizens from the blazes in two areas in the mountainous Kabyle region, home of the Berbers.

Four other soldiers were seriously burned and seven others also had burns. Dozens of blazes sprang up Monday in the mountainous Kabyle region and elsewhere, and Algerian authorities sent in the army to help citizens battle blazes and evacuate.


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