As US Reopens, Campuses Tighten Restrictions For Virus

Students wearing masks make their way through the University of Chicago campus, Thursday, May 6, 2021, in Chicago. Even as restrictions relax across much of the United States, colleges and universities have taken new steps to police campus life as the virus spreads through students who are among the last adults to get access to vaccines. (AP Photo/Shafkat Anowar)

(AP) — Mask and distancing restrictions may be relaxing across much of the country, but it’s been another tough semester on many college campuses, where COVID-19 spikes have meant even tougher measures. Some administrators say they’ve needed to act with urgency to avoid risking an early end to the semester. University of Vermont students have been handed numerous citations for violating safety protocols, while schools including the University of Michigan and Cornell University have restricted access to buildings and Wi-Fi for those who miss mandatory virus tests. The actions come as administrators assess whether in-person commencement ceremonies are feasible and how to get students vaccinated.


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