Bodies Pile Up At Crematorium In Germany’s Virus Hot Spot

Caskets labelled with the word 'Covid' are stacked with others coffins in the memorial hall of the crematorium in Meissen, Germany, Monday, Jan. 11, 2021. The crematorium would typically have 70 to 100 caskets on site at this time of year, now it has 300 bodies waiting to be cremated and more are brought to the crematorium every day. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)

(AP) — A surge of coronavirus deaths in the eastern German state of Saxony has boosted business for Meissen crematorium, but no one is celebrating.

Normally the crematorium would have 70 to 100 caskets at this time of year, when the flu season takes its toll. Now it has 300 bodies waiting to be cremated. Each day dozens more are delivered to the building on a hill overlooking this ancient town.

On Monday, Meissen county again took the unwanted lead in Germany’s COVID-19 tables, with an infection rate three times the national average. Some have linked the high infection rate in Saxony, where Meissen is located, to wider anti-government sentiment in a state where over a quarter voted for the far-right in the last election.


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