COVID-19 Isolated Family Members From Mexico, U.S. Allowed To Meet At Border

Family members embrace during the 8th annual "Hugs not Walls" event on the Rio Grande, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Saturday, June 19, 2021. The event allows migrants living in the U.S. to reunite with their relatives living on the other side of the border for a few minutes. (AP Photo/Christian Chavez)

The border closure due to the COVID-19 emergency temporarily lifted to allow family members to meet in El Paso, Texas.

On Saturday, officials allowed the border to open for the first time in more than a year so people categorized as “non-essential” could meet in person with relatives from the other side.

Officials gave everyone three minutes to meet, greet and hug one another before returning to their side of the border. Americans reportedly had to show proof of vaccination while Mexicans had to show a negative COVID test to be allowed to participate.

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