Death Toll In Massive Bangladesh Ferry Fire Rises To 40

A burnt passenger ferry is seen anchored off the coast of Jhalokati district on the Sugandha River in Bangladesh, Friday, Dec. 24, 2021. Bangladesh fire services say at least 37 passengers have been killed and many others injured in a massive fire that swept through a ferry on the southern Sugandha River. The blaze broke out around 3 a.m. Friday on the ferry packed with 800 passengers. (AP Photo)

(AP) — Bangladeshi authorities have buried 23 unclaimed bodies after a day-long search failed to recover more victims or survivors of a massive fire on a crowded river ferry that left 40 people dead.

A government official says he has an incomplete list of 17 missing people who were on board the ferry on Friday when the fire awoke passengers around 3 a.m., forcing many to leap into cold waters and swim ashore.

Divers looked for more survivors before suspending their efforts at sunset on Saturday. Fifty people are being treated in two hospitals, while 19 others have been sent home.

Investigators inspected the fire-ravaged ferry and said they found some defects in the engine room. The ferry was carrying some 800 passengers.


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