Dems, GOP Find Common Ground Over Facebook


Democrats and Republicans are finding common ground over Facebook.  The social media giant is facing growing bipartisan criticism after a whistleblower accused it of putting profits over public safety.  Connecticut Democrat Richard Blumenthal opened a Senate hearing and accused Facebook of being well aware that its products are harming pre-teens and teenagers.  Tennessee Republican Marsha Blackburn argued Facebook is invading the privacy of children and adults.  She said executives know what they’re doing is wrong.

Blackburn called for a “federal privacy standard” for social media companies.  Blumenthal accused Facebook of regularly “sowing hate” and promoting misinformation.  Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen [[ HOW-gehn ]] testified her former company harms children, stokes division and weakens democracy.  Haugen is a former lead product manager at Facebook.  She said the “buck stops” with CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg.  Haugen argued Zuckerberg faces no accountability for the company’s policies.  Blumenthal suggested Zuckerberg would rather go sailing than confront his company’s growing controversies.

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