Germany Braces For Weather Extremes: Snowy North, Warm South

A man takes pictures of the flooded meadows near the river Elbe in Dresden, Germany, Friday, Feb. 5, 2021. (Robert Michael/dpa via AP)

(AP)–Meteorologists say Germany faces rare weather extremes in the coming days, with large amounts of snow in the north and balmy temperatures in the south.

The national weather service DWD said Friday that a polar vortex is pushing icy air from the Arctic toward northern Germany just as a low pressure front brings wet, warm weather from the southwest. This could result in a sudden drop in temperatures Saturday, strong winds and heavy snowfall in regions that rarely get more than a sprinkling.

Meteorologists said that by early next week the temperature difference between the north and south of the country could be as big as 36 Fahrenheit. Mild weather in the south could fuel snowmelt in the mountains and further increase the risk of flooding.


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