Hidalgo County Surpasses 2,500 COVID Deaths, Valley Goes Over 4,000


Less than 3 months after recording the 2,000th death from COVID-19, Hidalgo County is reporting its death toll has reached 2,500. 500 county residents have succumbed to COVID-19 in the 11 weeks since November 16th. The new milestone of 2,501 COVID deaths was reported Monday, along with an alarming 1,016 new coronavirus infections.

The daily death count in Hidalgo County has been in the double digits nearly every day for the last two weeks. County health officials say many of the deaths can be traced to patients becoming infected with the virus at family get-togethers during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

The 2,501 COVID deaths is the fourth-highest in the state behind Harris, Dallas, and Bexar counties. Across the 4-county Valley, the death toll has surpassed 4,000, reaching 4,188.

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