History Of Abuse For Mexican Police Unit In Migrant Massacre

FILE - In this Jan. 27, 2021 file photo, German and Maria Tomas pose for a photo holding a framed portrait of their grandson Ivan Gudiel who they believe is one of the charred corpses found on a rural road on the Mexico-US border township of Camargo, at their home in Comitancillo, Guatemala. A dozen special operations officers have been ordered held for trial on charges they shot to death at least 14 Guatemalan migrants and two Mexicans on a rural road in the border township of Camargo. (AP Photo/Oliver de Ros, File)

(AP) — When state police in northern Mexico allegedly shot 19 people to death in late January near the border with Texas, it was a tragedy that critics say authorities had been warned could come.

The same Tamaulipas state police unit had pulled eight people from their homes in the border city of Nuevo Laredo in 2019, posed them in clothing and vehicles to make them look like criminals, and shot them down. In November, a business association warned authorities that the members of the unit had broken into a member’s home and stolen cash and appliances.

In early January, a federal lawmaker accused the unit of beatings and robberies. Yet nothing was ever done to rein the unit in.


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