Hunt For Capitol Attackers Still On 6 Months After Jan. 6

Rioters loyal to then-President Donald Trump climb the West Wall of the the U.S. Capitol in Washington. Even as the first of the more than 500 federal Capitol riot defendants have begun to plead guilty, scores of suspects remain unidentified, reflecting the massive scale of the Justice Department's investigation and the grueling work authorities still face to track everyone down. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Six months after the Capitol insurrection, the Justice Department is still hunting for scores of rioters, even as the first of more than 500 people already arrested have pleaded guilty. The struggle reflects the massive scale of the investigation and the grueling work still ahead for authorities. Among those who haven’t been caught: the person who planted two pipe bombs outside the offices of the Republican and Democratic national committees the night before the riot. Also being sought are people accused of attacks on law enforcement officers or violence and threats against journalists.


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