Lawmakers Debate Bill To Rout Out Radical Islam In France

FILE - In this July 7, 2019, file photo, thousands of protesters carrying the British flag march near the harbor of Hong Kong. Thousands of people from Hong Kong are fleeing their hometown since Beijing imposed a draconian national security law on the territory in the summer 2020. Many say China’s encroachment on their way of life and civil liberties has become unbearable, and they want to seek a better future for their children abroad. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung, File)

(AP) — French lawmakers are tackling a bill to dig up radical Islam in France by its roots. Authorities say such beliefs are creeping into public services, associations, some schools and online with the goal of undermining national values. The bill is broad and controversial, with1,700 proposed amendments, and guarantees heated debate.  It reflects a priority for President Emmanuel Macron, who in an October speech painted a dark picture of a perverse version of Islam, France’s No. 2 religion, quietly making inroads and creating a “counter society.”  Some Muslims feel stigmatized by the bill. Other religions, also concerned, have been critical of the proposed law.


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