Lunar Mission Is Latest Milestone In China’s Space Ambitions

In this photo taken Thursday, Oct 23, 2003, a man pushes his bicycle past the cover of a magazine showing China's first man in space, Yang Liwei and the Chinese characters for "How far are we from the moon?" at a newsstand in Beijing, China. China's Nov. 24, 2020, trip to the moon and, presumably, back is the latest milestone in the Asian powerhouse's slow but steady ascent to the stars. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, File)

(AP) — China’s latest trip to the moon is another milestone in the Asian powerhouse’s slow but steady ascent to the stars. China became the third country to put a person into orbit 17 years ago and the first to land on the far side of the moon in 2019. The Chang’e 5 mission launched Tuesday will be the first to bring back moon rocks and debris since a Soviet mission in 1976. Future ambitions include a permanent space station and putting people back on the moon more than 50 years after the U.S. did.


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