Massive Cargo Ship Becomes Wedged, Blocks Egypt’s Suez Canal

In this photo released by the Suez Canal Authority, a cargo ship, named the Ever Green, sits with its bow stuck into the wall Wednesday, March 24, 2021, after it turned sideways in Egypt’s Suez Canal, blocking traffic in a crucial East-West waterway for global shipping. An Egyptian official warned Wednesday it could take at least two days to clear the ship. (Suez Canal Authority via AP)

(AP) — Officials say a skyscraper-sized container ship has become wedged across Egypt’s Suez Canal and blocked all traffic in the vital waterway. The ship’s stranding is threatening to disrupt a global shipping system already strained by the coronavirus pandemic. The MV Ever Given, a Panama-flagged ship that carries cargo between Asia and Europe, ran aground Tuesday. Images showed the ship’s bow was touching the eastern wall, while its stern looked lodged against the western wall. Tugboats strained Wednesday to try to nudge the obstruction out of the way as ships hoping to enter the waterway began lining up. Around 10% of the world’s trade flows through the canal. An Egyptian official warned it could take at least two days to clear the ship.


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