McAllen Police Cite “COVID Effect” For Near Overall Drop In Crime Last Year


The McAllen Police Department is pointing to the “COVID effect” as the main reason for a near across-the-board drop in crime last year. The department’s uniform crime report for 2020 shows crime overall fell 22 percent from 2019 – with decreases in nearly every category. Violent crime declined 12.1 percent while property offenses declined 22 percent.

The report shows fewer aggravated assaults, robberies, burglaries and thefts. Crime increased, however, in three categories.

Police investigated three homicides in 2020 compared to one in 2019, and two of the victims were fellow cops who were shot and killed responding to a domestic violence call July 11th. There were 10 more rapes last year. And there were 21 more auto thefts. But with fewer people going out and not being on the road because of the coronavirus outbreak, the McAllen PD saw a 13.3 percent drop in calls for service, including about 30 percent fewer traffic stops and traffic accidents.

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