Norway: ‘No longer hope’ Of Finding Landslide Survivors

Rescue work continues after the large landslide that destroyed several houses at Ask in Norway, Tuesday, Dec. Jan 5, 2021. Several homes were taken by the landslide early Wednesday Dec. 30, killing seven people, while three are still reported missing. (Terje Pedersen / NTB via AP)

(AP) — Norwegian authorities say they “no longer hope to find survivors” of a landslide that swept away homes in a residential area almost a week ago, killing seven people. Three people are still missing from the Dec. 30 disaster that destroyed at least nine buildings with more than 30 apartments in the village of Ask. The landslide was among the worst in modern Norwegian history.

A local police chief announced Tuesday that the search would continue as a recovery phase. A small dog was found alive in the rubble late Monday, briefly raising hopes for rescuers. Another, smaller landslide just before midday Tuesday forced the search terms to evacuate the site and no one was injured,


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