NYC Council Gets Ready To Authorize Voting For Non-Citizens

FILE - Voters cast their ballots for the general election at Victory Houston polling station, one of the Harris County's 24-hour locations, in Houston, on Friday, Oct. 30, 2020. Texas has become the latest state where Republicans have rolled back access to voting methods that soared in popularity during last year’s pandemic presidential election. Following similar legislation in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa and some other GOP-controlled states, Texas Republicans passed new restrictions on mail-in balloting as well as bans on 24-hour polling places and drive-thru voting. (Elizabeth Conley/Houston Chronicle via AP, File)

Eight-hundred-thousand non-citizens may soon have the right to vote in New York City.  The City Council is getting ready to pass a bill giving green card holders and deferred action recipients voting rights.  They’d be allowed to cast ballots for Mayor, City Comptroller and the Council, but not for state or federal races.  The Council vote, considered veto-proof, is set for Thursday.  Mayor Bill de Blasio has expressed misgivings, saying he’s concerned it would deter people from pursuing citizenship.  Eleven towns in Maryland allow non-citizen voting in local races, plus two towns in Vermont.

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