Over A Million Dollars Worth Of Narcotics Seized At The Border Over The Weekend


An estimated $1.3 million dollars in narcotics was seized in the Rio Grande Valley sector by Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection this past weekend. Saturday morning in Brownsville agents yielded over 130 pounds of marijuana after Border Patrol spotted three subjects crossing the Rio Grande near the River Bend Resort Golf Club. Sunday evening Border Patrol agents working near Salineno spotted a small boat moving bundles of marijuana across the Rio Grande. Agents approached subjects loading a green Ford Expedition when the subjects abandoned the scene and ran towards Mexico, endangering one of the men in the water. After rescuing the man, Border Patrol reports the seized bundles were worth an estimated $545,000. Additionally, around $700k of heroin was seized at the Javier Vega Jr. Border Patrol Checkpoint on the same day.

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