Ricin-Filled Envelope Made It Into Mission Police Chief’s Office


Mission Police Chief Robert Dominguez may have been very close to handling an envelope containing the deadly toxin ricin. Dominguez confirmed in a news release Thursday that the ricin-laced letter addressed to him was found – in his office – Monday. It was discovered by a Postal Service Inspector in a pile of other mail as part of the investigation into a Canadian woman accused of mailing a ricin-filled envelope to President Trump.

Mission police also say it was a curfew violation at a city park that led to the woman’s arrest last year. A patrol officer first made contact with Pascale Ferrier the night of March 12th as she sat in her car at the Mission Hike and Bike Trails. She was warned she was violating a park curfew and told to leave. But a couple of hours later, the officer spotted her car still there. He asked her to step out, she was given a pat down, and was found with a handgun on her waist. A search also turned up a club.

Ferrier was booked into the Hidalgo County jail on 2 counts of unlawfully carrying a weapon and for tampering with a government record. She is currently in federal custody in New York following her arrest at a U.S.-Canada border crossing Sunday.

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