Signs Of Hope In Germany, France But Virus Strains Hospitals

The head of the Robert Koch Institute, German national agency and research institute, responsible for disease control and prevention, Lothar Wieler, left, and Ute Rexroth, a senior RKI official arrive for a news conference on the coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease situation in Germany in Berlin, Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020. Slogan in background reads: ' Generating evidence sharing knowledge protecting and improving health'. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber, Pool)

(AP) — The surge of new coronavirus cases appears to be slowing in Germany and France, generating hopes that the two European heavyweights are beginning to regain control over the pandemic. But authorities said Thursday that hospitals are crowded and are likely to face further strain in the coming weeks. Countries across Europe have implemented more or less drastic lockdown measures in recent weeks as they try to tamp down a resurgence of the pandemic, with numbers of confirmed cases hitting records. They have largely overwhelmed contact-tracing efforts even in Germany, which was credited with handling the pandemic’s first cases well and is still in better shape than most of its neighbors.


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