Space-X To Use Two Offshore Oil Rigs As Floating Launchpads

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Two offshore oil rigs in the Port of Brownsville have been purchased by SpaceX which reportedly plans to convert them into floating launch pads.

SpaceX purchased the two deepwater oil rigs for $3.5 million each with plans to re-purpose them into floating launchpads for its giant Mars Starship being developed at its facility on Boca Chica Beach. That’s where SpaceX has been launching and landing its Starship prototypes.

The most recent and most ambitious launch occurred December 9th when the SN8 flew to 40,000 feet and completed several aerodynamic maneuvers. However, it came down too fast and exploded on impact.

First reported by spaceflight.com, SpaceX bought the rigs from Valaris, a Houston-based offshore oil drilling contractor. By the way, SpaceX has named the rigs Deimos and Phobos – which are the names of the two moons of Mars.

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