Successful 3-Engine Test For New Space-X Rocket Prototype

Video screen capture; LabPadre YouTube Channel

The most recent prototype of the Mars Starship rocket has passed a crucial engine test at the SpaceX facility on Boca Chica Beach.

The SN8, which is equipped with three rocket engines, successfully completed a static fire test of the engines early Tuesday morning. The test of the Raptor engines is a key step before a test liftoff of the SN8, which crews hope to undertake in the next two to three weeks.

The goal is to launch the SN8 50,000 feet into the air – far higher than the 500 feet reached by three other smaller prototypes over the past 15 months. The most recent test launch was of the single-engine SN6 on September 3rd.

Watch video here: Video courtesy of LabPadre YouTube

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