Texas Democrats Defend Leaving State For DC

Democrats from the Texas Legislature arrive by bus to board a private plane headed for Washington, D.C., Monday, July 12, 2021, in Austin, Texas. By leaving, Democrats again deny the GOP majority a quorum to pass bills, barely a month after their walkout thwarted the first push for sweeping new voting restrictions in Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Texas Democrats are defending a decision to leave the state capitol in protest. State Representative Rafael Anchia of Dallas says this was a last-ditch move to block state GOP leaders from passing what they see as discriminatory voting bills and not something they wanted to do.

Republicans are pushing a bill that would ban drive-thru and 24 hour voting options in Texas, and restrict the state’s vote-by-mail rules. Anchia says leaving the state is about making sure democracy is protected.

Texas Senate Debating Elections Bill

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