Thousands In Bangladesh Protest Against French Cartoons

Supporters of Islami Andolan Bangladesh, an Islamist political party, carry a cutout of French President Emmanuel Macron with a garland of footwear around it as they protest against the publishing of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad they deem blasphemous, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020. Muslims in the Middle East and beyond on Monday called for boycotts of French products and for protests over the caricatures, but Macron has vowed his country will not back down from its secular ideals and defense of free speech. (AP Photo/Mahmud Hossain Opu)

(AP) — Around 10,000 people in Bangladesh have rallied in the South Asian nation’s capital to protest France’s president. The protest Tuesday condemned Emmanuel Macron’s staunch support for secular laws that deem caricatures depicting the Prophet Muhammad as protected under freedom of speech. The issue has once again come to light following the beheading near Paris of a French teacher who showed caricatures of Muhammad in class. Muslim politicians, religious scholars and everyday people have condemned such depictions as a form of hate speech and view them as sacrilegious. France’s response in the aftermath of the killing has sparked outrage in Muslim-majority nations in the Middle East and beyond.


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