U.S. House Passes Bill To Protect Federal Law Officers Outside The U.S.

A bipartisan bill prompted by the killing in Mexico of Brownsville ICE agent Jaime Zapata has been approved by the U.S.House. The legislation, written to clarify U.S. law, ensures that suspects who kill or attempt to kill federal officers in another country can be prosecuted in U.S. court.
The bill was filed in response to a federal appeals court dismissal of the murder convictions of two men who’d been found guilty of killing agent Zapata and wounding his partner Victor Avila in an ambush on their government vehicle near San Luis Potosi February 15th 2011.
The Washington D.C. appeals court vacated the convictions on the basis that the incident happened outside the jurisdiction of the U.S. district court. The bill, called the Jaime Zapata and Victor Avila Federal Law Enforcement Protection Act, has already been passed by the Senate.

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