US, Iran Inch Closer To Nuke Deal But High Hurdles Remain

FILE - Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi speaks in a news briefing at the Saadabad Palace in Tehran, Iran, on June 11, 2022. Iran said Tuesday, Aug. 16, it submitted a “written response” to what has been described as a final roadmap to restore its tattered nuclear deal with world powers. Raisi has repeatedly tried to blame Washington for the delay in reaching an accord. (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi, File)

(AP) — The Biden administration is expected to weigh in this week on Iran’s latest offer to resume its compliance with the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, but neither side is offering a definitive path to revive the agreement, which has been on life-support since former President Donald Trump withdrew from it in 2018. New developments, including stepped-up public messaging campaigns by both Tehran and Washington, suggest that an agreement could be near. Yet, as the two sides inch closer to an agreement, key sticking points remain that could still unravel efforts to bring back the 2015 deal.


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