Water Fired At Crowd As Anti-coup Protests Swell In Myanmar

Protesters are sprayed with water fired from a police truck's water cannon in Naypyitaw, Myanmar on Monday, Feb. 8, 2021. Tension in the confrontations between the authorities and demonstrators against last week's coup in Myanmar boiled over Monday, as police fired a water cannon at peaceful protesters in the capital Naypyitaw.(AP Photo)

(AP) — Police have fired a water cannon at hundreds of protesters in Myanmar’s capital who are demanding the military hand power back to elected officials. Demonstrations against last week’s coup are intensifying Monday and spreading to more parts of the country. A protest also swelled at a major downtown intersection in the country’s largest city, Yangon, with people raising a three-finger salute that is a symbol of resistance and carrying placards saying, “Reject the military coup.” State media for the first time on Monday made reference to the protests, claiming they were endangering the country’s stability. The coup was seen internationally as a shocking setback for Myanmar, which had been making progress toward democracy after five decades of military rule.


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