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Speculation Running Rampant As Dannenbaum Offices In McAllen, Other Texas Cities Targeted By Law Enforcers

Dannenbaum Engineering offices in McAllen and several other Texas cities were targeted by federal law officers Wednesday in what the FBI would only say was “law enforcement activity.” FBI agents converged on the Nolana Avenue building Wednesday morning and spent the day hauling out boxes and stacking them in a waiting truck. An FBI spokeswoman […]


Spacecraft Survives Unprecedented Trip Between Saturn, Rings

(AP) – NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has survived an unprecedented trip between Saturn and its rings, and has amazing pictures to show for it.  Flight controllers regained contact with Cassini on Thursday, a day after it became the first craft to cross this hazardous region. The rings are comprised of countless icy particles, any of which […]


Israel Intercepts Incoming ‘target’ From Syria

(AP) – Israel’s military says it deployed its Patriot missile defense system to intercept a projectile incoming from Syria above the Golan Heights.  The military did not elaborate on what it described as a “target” in its message on Thursday night. Israeli media meanwhile are saying the military knocked out a drone that had infiltrated […]