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Woman’s Ex-Husband Charged In Shooting Death Of Woman’s Ex-Boyfriend

A Pharr man has been charged with murder, a day after allegedly gunning down another man outside the suspect’s home. 66-year-old Aniceto Sanchez was brought before a judge Tuesday for the shooting death of 38-year-old Jaime Vargas. Police responding to the gunfire Monday afternoon found Vargas dead in the yard, and arrested Sanchez who was […]


Dream Team Of Historians Proposed To Advise US President

(AP) – Two Harvard scholars say the next U.S. president should recruit a team of top historians to help make major decisions. Professors Graham Allison and Niall Ferguson say leaders from the Republican and Democratic parties know alarmingly little about history, both of their own country and of others. They’re calling on the next U.S. […]


Mexican Gov’t Takes Over Train Line Long Used By Migrants

(AP) – The Mexican government says it is taking control of a battered rail line long used by Central American migrants heading north toward the United States. Fewer migrants have been hopping the freight cars on the line since government agents began raiding the trains in 2014. Now, Mexico’s Transportation Department says it is stripping […]