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Venezuelan Fugitive Awaits Grand Jury Hearing In McAllen

(McAllen, TX) — A fugitive from Venezuelan justice is waiting for a federal grand jury hearing in McAllen. Homeland Security investigators arrested Tirso Melean last week while serving a warrant on South “G” Street in McAllen. Federal investigators say Melean is in the U.S. illegally and is a wanted man in his native Venezuela for […]


Supreme Court Limits Reach Of Tax Crime Statute

(AP) – The Supreme Court is making it harder for the federal government to use a section of the tax law to convict someone of a crime. The court ruled Wednesday to limit the application of a statute that the government had interpreted to give it a broad ability to charge someone with obstructing or […]


Scientist Says West Had Access To Nerve Agent

(AP) – A Russian scientist who helped create the nerve agent that allegedly was used to poison an ex-spy in England says British accusations blaming Russia for the attack are false.  Leonid Rink says the agent dubbed Novichok in the West had a different name when it was designed as a chemical weapon in the […]