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Border Patrol Agents Assist Dozens Of Immigrants Caught In The Cold

It wasn’t the usual heat, but the unusual cold that threatened the lives of a number of undocumented immigrants crossing through the treacherous South Texas brush this past weekend. Laredo sector Border Patrol officials say agents detained more than 20 immigrants in four different locations – some of who were suffering from hypothermia. Further west, […]


Sanders Says Trump Already Addressed Allegations

(AP) – The White House is pushing back on sexual misconduct allegations against President Donald Trump, saying he has already denied them.  Three women who previously accused Trump of sexual harassment shared their stories Monday on NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today.” They’re calling for a congressional investigation. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Trump […]


18 Climate Scientists Win French Grants

(AP) – American climate scientist Camille Parmesan is elated at the prospect of spending the next five years doing her research in France instead of the U.S.  She’s one of 18 initial winners announced Monday of a special contest launched by President Emmanuel Macron in response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s rejection of the Paris […]