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Brownsville Firm To Turn The USS Independence Into Scrap

The Port of Brownsville will be the final destination for yet another of the U-S Navy’s supercarriers. International Shipbreaking Limited has won another contract to scrap another Forrestal-class aircraft carrier. The USS Independence is expected to be towed into the Port of Brownsville around mid-March of next year for dismantling. Under the contract, the Navy […]


Obama Cuts Short The Sentences Of 111 Federal Inmates

(AP) – President Barack Obama has cut short the sentences of 111 federal inmates in another round of commutations for those convicted of nonviolent drug offenses.  Obama has long called for phasing out strict sentences for drug offenses, arguing they lead to excessive punishment and incarceration rates unseen in other developed countries. White House Counsel […]


UPDATE: Quake Victims Mourned At Mass Funeral

(AP) – Wails of grief have been heard from families as the funeral for dozens of victims of Italy’s earthquake got under way in the shadow of the quake-destroyed buildings in Amatrice.  The names of the victims were read out Tuesday at the start of the Italian state funeral in the town hardest hit by […]