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Girl’s HIV Infection Seems Under Control Without AIDS Drugs

A South African girl born with the AIDS virus has kept her infection suppressed for more than eight years after stopping anti-HIV medicines. Doctors say this is more evidence that early treatment can occasionally cause a long remission that, if it lasts, would be a form of cure. Drugs can keep HIV under control but […]

Democrats Attempt Rebranding With Populist New Agenda

(AP) – Democratic leaders believe they lost to President Donald Trump partly because voters don’t know what the party stands for. So they’re trying to rebrand themselves with a new slogan and a populist new agenda as they look ahead to the 2018 midterms. It’s called “A Better Deal” and House and Senate Democratic leaders […]

Taliban Claim Responsibility For Kabul Bombing

(AP) – The Taliban have claimed responsibility for a horrific attack in the Afghan capital that killed 24 people and wounded 42. A statement released to the media by the Taliban says they carried out the suicide car bombing. The early morning attack targeted a bus carrying employees of the mines and petroleum ministry. The […]

Netanyahu Vows To Bring Home Guard From Jordan

(AP) – Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says an Israeli security guard who shot and killed two Jordanians after one of them stabbed him will be brought home to Israel. Netanyahu says he has spoken to the guard in question and assured him that Israel has experience in dealing with such situation and would bring […]

Kushner Calls Russia Meeting ‘Waste Of Time’

(AP) – The son-in-law of President Donald Trump says a June 2016 meeting with a Russian-American lawyer was such a “waste of time” that he asked his assistant to call him out of the gathering. That’s according to a statement Jared Kushner is providing to congressional committees this week. Emails released this month show Donald […]

Was Montana’s Wild House Race A Trump Test? Not So Much

(AP) – Republican Greg Gianforte’s win in Montana’s special election hinged on flaws in both the two major party candidates. Gianforte’s weaknesses were most apparent Wednesday night when he was charged with misdemeanor assault for throwing a reporter to the ground. He apologized Thursday after polls closed. The majority of voters had already cast ballots […]