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Texas Governor: Abortion Ruling Endangers Lives

(AP) – Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott says the Supreme Court’s decision striking down his state’s strict regulation of abortion clinics “subjects more innocent life to being lost.”  In a statement Monday, the Republican said the ruling “erodes states’ lawmaking authority to safeguard the health and safety of women.” The justices voted 5-3 in support of […]


Two-Thirds Say Obama Tried To Make Race Relations Better

(AP) – A new Pew poll finds that vast majorities of blacks and Hispanics think President Barack Obama at least tried to make race relations in the U.S. better during his time in office.  Only about half of whites think Obama made race relations better or tried to make race relations better but failed. Almost […]


France Opens Manslaughter Inquiry Into EgyptAir Crash

(AP) – The Paris prosecutor’s office has opened a manslaughter inquiry into the May crash of an EgyptAir plane that killed 66 people, saying there is no evidence so far to link it to terrorism.  Prosecutor’s office spokesman Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre said the inquiry was launched Monday as an accident investigation, not a terrorism investigation. She […]