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Donna ISD Monitor Is Now On Board

A state-ordered monitor for the Donna school district is now officially on the job. Linda Romeros, appointed by the Texas Education Agency last month, was introduced to the Donna school board this week. Romeros’ appointment was made in response to a T-E-A investigation that found a lack of proper internal controls which may have led […]


Senate Rejects Clean Repeal Of Obamacare, Without A Replacement

The Senate is rejecting a clean repeal of Obamacare, without a replacement. Senators voted the plan down in a tally this afternoon. Under the clean repeal proposal, the healthcare law would be phased out over two years. The vote was part of ongoing efforts by Senate Republicans to find a healthcare bill that can secure […]


Parents Concede Baby Charlie Dying In Hospice

(AP) – Charlie Gard’s parents are conceding that he will die in a hospice and not at home as they had previously wished.  Connie Yates, the mother of the critically ill baby at the center of an international medical and legal battle, returned to London’s High Court to request a medical team that could keep […]