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Patterson Co-Defendant Offered Plea Deal In Capital Murder Case

A plea agreement reportedly has been struck between prosecutors and the second suspect in the 3-year-old murder of an elderly McAllen man. 40-year-old Angel Mario Garza is accused of suffocating 96-year-old Martin Knell in his North McAllen home in January 2015 – under orders from Monica Melissa Patterson. Patterson was convicted of capital murder 2-and-a-half […]


House Reaches Number Of Votes Needed To Pass Government Funding Measure

(Washington, DC) — The House has the votes to approve a measure to end a government shutdown. The bill funds the government through February 8th. House approval followed action by the Senate to stop the three-day shutdown. Related posts: White House Defends Ad Calling Dems ‘Complicit’ In Killings


Suspect In London Van Attack On Muslims ‘ticking time bomb’

(AP) – British prosecutors have described the suspect in the June attack near London’s Finsbury Park Mosque as a “ticking time bomb” who became convinced that all Muslims were extremists or rapists in pedophile gangs after watching a television show on child exploitation in north-central England. The allegations came during the trial Monday of 48-year-old […]