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Valley Unemployment Declines For Fourth Straight Month

For the fourth month in a row, unemployment has gone down in the Rio Grande Valley. The May jobless rate in the Brownsville-Harlingen metro area dropped 3-tenths of a percent to an even 6 percent. In the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission area, unemployment fell 4-tenths of a percent to 6-point-2 percent. Statewide, the unemployment rates was unchanged at […]


Trump Adviser Roger Stone Reveals New Meeting With Russian

(AP) – Special counsel Robert Mueller is examining a previously undisclosed meeting between longtime Trump confidante Roger Stone and a Russian figure who allegedly tried to sell him dirt on Hillary Clinton. Letters to the House Intelligence Committee outline the contact.  The letters say Stone met with a man in May 2016 who wanted $2 […]


Migrant Ship Passengers Represent 31 Countries

(AP) – The United Nations refugee agency is warning against a repeat of the standoff that left a private rescue ship carrying 629 migrants at sea for a week.  A convoy consisting of the aid ship Aquarius and two Italian military ships disembarked the passengers in Valencia, Spain on Sunday, a week after Italy and […]